Our Value

Keep IT simple

It’s often very complicated to recruit new labour, but our philosophy is to keep the process as simple and smooth as possible.

For the IT Specialist it must be easy to fill out a uniformed CV. For the client it must be easy to get an overview of the possible IT Specialists, and it must be easy for both client and associate to communicate with each other - and ultimately it must be easy to recruit the right person and to find the right vacancy. And as a benefit our “keep IT simple” philosophy results in a reasonable cost for our clients.

GISP Group

We started operations in the beginning of 2010 based on the idea to find a simple way for companies to source highly qualified IT Specialists - at a reasonable cost. Using our web-based system, our large database with highly qualified IT specialists and global IT Recruiter network we will soon have your new IT Specialist on board.

Keep IT simple

We believe that the optimal communication between a client and IT Specialist should be directly between the two parties. It’s rarely common practise. But it’s the way we do it. We have been establishing IT Recruiter networks globally and we have found IT Recruiters that support our ideas and values. It enables us to locate IT Specialists to work all over the world.

Easy access

When it comes to clients, IT Recruiters and IT Specialists – they all have the same request: accessibility and simplicity.

The presentation of a CV is also kept uniformed and as simple as possible. In that way it’s easier to overview and compare associates. All in all we are more than ready to recruit your new labour – it’s that simple.

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